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Prosper is the first and largest marketplace lending platform that allows individuals to invest in other people through personal loans that do not require collateral. Qualified briansclub borrowers request loans while individuals can invest portions of them, earning attractive returns in return. Loans tend to have short terms and payments are made monthly.

Automate your investment strategy or manually locate loans that meet your risk tolerance with the Auto Invest Mix feature, and view both historical returns and your current status at any time.

How it works

Prosper is an online marketplace connecting creditworthy borrowers and individuals seeking to invest in each other. Investors can diversify their investments and generate attractive returns while helping people manage debt, rebuild their credit score, make major purchases or advance financial wellbeing. Through Prosper Invest’s app you can review loan listings and invest in one or multiple loans with minimum investments starting as low as $25.00 each loan.

Prosper is the only marketplace lending platform in the US offering individual retail investors access to unsecured consumer personal loans. By investing through Prosper, investing becomes easy and convenient while directly impacting borrowers who need help consolidating debt, buying homes or making other important purchases – or working toward financial wellbeing!

Marketplace lending loans differ from other investments by offering amortized repayment terms of two, three, four or five years with monthly principal and interest payments over this timeframe. This structure helps mitigate risk while offering greater liquidity – both of which make Prosper an exceptional source for investors1. Prosper’s track record speaks for itself! We have consistently generated solid returns with regular payments being delivered back into investors accounts1.


Prosper notes are not covered by the FDIC and could potentially cause you to lose some or all of your principal investment. Please carefully read all risk disclosures and information in the prospectus prior to investing.

Vault Markets is an FSCA-regulated CFD broker offering traders access to an expansive array of assets – fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, indices, stocks, energies and metals – along with an attractive bonus program and flexible leverage.

This user-friendly platform includes an impressive array of trading tools. Additionally, traders have their choice of deposit and withdrawal methods as well as funding their accounts via mobile phones.

Vault Markets also offers traders educational resources, such as FAQs, articles and a podcast hosted by expert advisors at Vault Markets.

As with any brokerage, one of the key characteristics of any withdrawal fees is how they’re charged. While some brokers don’t impose them, others charge a fixed fee per withdrawal channel used. Furthermore, some do not disclose these withdrawal fees on their websites so it is wise to confirm how much these costs will cost prior to commencing trading – in this way you can make informed decisions regarding your investment strategy.


Prosper’s marketplace lending platform gives investors access to unsecured consumer personal loans at unbeatably competitive rates. Investors can invest in multiple loans or entire loan books with auto-reinvestment, and expect strong returns with loans lasting 2-5 years. Borrowers use personal loans for consolidating debt, building credit or making important purchases – ultimately meeting their financial goals while improving quality of life.

Historical Returns on Prosper Notes are calculated monthly based on actual payments (other than principal) received by investors after fees and charge-offs from loans originated on our platform, net of any applicable fees or charge-offs. Historical briansclub cm Returns exclude servicing-related corrective non-cash adjustments which could modify borrower payment dependent notes (“Notes”). Actual returns on Prosper Notes will differ significantly.

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